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Eyelid surgery

Give Your Eyes a 'Lift'

Our bodies change as we age, we have looser skin, we see more wrinkles, we aren’t as nimble, our eyesight isn’t as strong…the list goes on. The problems we see on the outside are sometimes the most troubling to us as we may still feel young on the inside. Blepharatosis, or eyelid drooping, is a […]

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Plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon?

You probably hear the words plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon used interchangeably by your peers, the media, and in advertisements. However, the meaning behind the designations are completely different. Plastic Surgeon According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a board certified plastic surgeon is a medical doctor who has completed at least five […]

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Tired of being asked if your Tired?

I just had another patient call our office today and say she is sick of people asking her if she is tired. In fact, although she has puffy, dark circles under eyes, she is well rested — especially now that the kids are out of the house! Age and heredity are two major factors in […]

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