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Facial Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery of the Face.

Face the world with confidence and let Dr. Ness help you feel and look your best. Please read below and click the link for more detailed information on the facial surgeries offered at Ness Plastic Surgery in Minnesota and don’t forget to view some of our happy facial surgery patient’s post-operative results here.

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Forehead Lift (brow lift)

A forehead, or brow lift not only helps remove and minimize fine lines and deep furrows of the brow, it can also lend for a more attractive forehead size and improved hairline position.

Facelift or Necklift

As we age, the skin and muscle of our face and neck lose their elasticity and skin begins to dull and wrinkle. Rejuvenate your look with a face or neck lift at Ness Plastic Surgery.

Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery addresses both the upper and lower eyelids, which can be improved together or as a separate procedure as needed. Surgery of the eyelids is one of the most popular procedures as it gives an individual a fresh, younger look.

Nose Surgery (rhinoplasty)

Patients of all ages, men and women, of many ethnic backgrounds enjoy the result of nose surgery (rhinoplasty) whether based on a cosmetic desire for a new shape, or a corrective measure after trauma or injury of the nose or a congenital defect that inhibits clear breathing.

Cheek Implants (cheek augmentation)

Pronounced cheek bones create beautiful and interesting angles on women’s faces as well as a more masculine, broad face for men.

Lip Enlargement (lip augmentation)

Want fuller, softer lips? Dr. Ness personally performs each lip enlargement procedure using fat injections (your own transplanted tissue) or a dermal filler product, such as Juvederm.

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