Ness Plastic Surgery
I love the way I look after surgery. My expectations and results with Dr. Ness have been truly outstanding.
Breast Augmentation and Lift


"The experience of my upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery has been truly embraced through both your professional and creative care. Your care and concern for my needs were attentively acknowledged throughout each of our conversations and that of your staff. I am grateful for both the process and the results of this life-enhancing changing.

The testimony that you share on your website "How you feel before, during and after your procedure is just as important as the procedure itself," summarizes my experience.

Your reputation as a talented surgeon is now equaled to your caring presence as a professional healthcare provider. Please be assured that your work is embraced with gratitude as my vision has been noticeably improved; family and friends marvel at the physical change in my appearance; and my reflection in the mirror brings a smile to my face. I look forward to the continued changes in my appearance as the healing process continues."


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"I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for my new look. I love my new chest and more importantly my new found self esteem! I think I have tried on every single shirt I own!

Since day one you and your staff have been incredible by making me feel special and comfortable throughout my surgery process. I am very blessed to have had [Dr. Ness] as my surgeon. I just want you to know that you have given me much more than a new pair of boobs (lol), you have given me the woman I have always felt like on the inside and now I can exude this sexy woman and confidence on the outside!! Thank you for everything!!"

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"After much procrastination and research on plastic surgeons, I settled on Dr. John Ness. After meeting with him for a consultation, the decision to go forward was an easy one. I cannot express how pleased I am with the results and how well the surgery went. From initial consult to post op visits, Dr. Ness and his entire staff provided the best of car with utmost professionalism.
To anyone contemplating cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, do not wait, and do not settle for anyone but the best. Call and schedule a consult with Dr. John Ness. Thank you to Dr Ness and his entire staff for making this experience a positive one. I only regret not doing it sooner."

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"I had my first child at 17. I am now 32, and have birthed and nursed 6 children. When you are giving and giving of yourself and your body for 14 years, you start to lose yourself and your confidence. You start to feel like a machine, and you feel less and less like a woman.

As you know, my breasts were sad and deflated, kind of like my body image. I tried to be comfortable with my chest, but I knew deep down my husband and I viewed them as "baby feeders" and nothing more. I used to try to convince myself I was happy with the way they were, but every time I looked in the mirror, I felt hopeless and old and sad. I kept trying to lose more weight, trying to balance the smallness of my chest with smaller hips, even though naturally I am more curvy in those areas. I felt unattractive, unproportionate, and felt I looked much older than I feel inside.

Then one day, I was talking to a good friend, and realized how unhappy I was. She suggested I do some research on breast augmentation, and I spent the next month or so researching doctors and procedures. I was very impressed with your credentials and your results pictures.

Once I made my decision, I knew it was the right one. Once I met you and your staff, I was confident I made the right choice.

Now, only 2 weeks later, my life is completely changed.

I look in the mirror, and smile. I feel like my figure is balanced, I feel beautiful, I feel sexy. I feel this way for the first time in my life. My husband can't keep his hands off of me for the first time in years! He loves my new breasts, and so do I.  The results are far better than I ever dreamed of. I am so happy! My scars are already barely visible, and I have had a very fast and easy recovery. Clothes fit better, I have cleavage for the first time, I can wear bikinis and lingerie without feeling embarrassed and ashamed, and I finally feel like I have a womanly body, instead of a teenage boy's. My body is finally my own, and I am finally comfortable in my skin- an amazing feeling!

You are truly an artist, and I am eternally grateful for what you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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“From my initial consultation (for my breast augmentation procedure) to my post-operative examinations, the care you and your staff so flawlessly administered certainly facilitated the surgical procedure and recovery process. I literally had no bruising. I am so pleased with the results. You are amazing!” 

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“From my first appointment to my recovery appointment, the staff have been so informative, caring and thorough. It was overall a very positive experience. I only wished I had done this 5 years earlier. The results are excellent and I have recommended Dr. Ness to two other people in my first month after surgery.”

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“I want to thank Dr. Ness and his staff for the amazing work they did for me. I have wanted a tummy tuck ever since I had my sone 8 1/2 years ago. After two pregnancies and six years, I finally decided to do something about it.

Michaela Quello was fantastic! She was there for me from the beginning. She is very knowledgeable and really supportive.

I would recommend Dr. Ness to anyone wanting cosmetic surgery. In Fact, I already have. After friends and co-workers saw my results, they wanted his name and number! I cannot say enough about the care, the knowledge, the professionalism. Dr. Ness has a wonderful attitude and is very respectful and compassionate! I felt completely comfortable through the whole process.

I am thrilled with the results. I can finally wear a bikini, if I choose to , and clothes fit so much better. I feel so much more confident, mentally and physically. No complications, no problems.

Thank you so much Dr. Ness and staff.”

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“I have been to free consultations before where I was not taken seriously and quickly shoved out the door; this was definitely not the case with Dr. Ness. His presentation had a comforting demeanor and his knowledge and experience within the field burst through as he took the time to answer my questions. I was a little leery of having my first surgery procedure ever, but after the consultation it was clear that Dr. Ness was the right choice.

Not only does Dr. Ness present professionalism with friendliness, his entire staff does as well. From my nurse to the anesthesiologist. Everyone made me feel comfortable the day of surgery.

Although there is a cost, I am not regretting it one bit. My level of confidence has improved which has ultimately motivated me to eat right and exercise more. I am now more proportional and I embrace my body. It's truly fun to feel like a curvy, sexy woman.”

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“What can I say except…Dr. Ness was everything that I was looking for in a cosmetic surgeon…talented, kind, caring, intuitive to the ideas I hoped to achieve – yet realistic with me about the limits. I’ve had multiple surgeries performed by Dr. Ness’s skilled hands and have had fantastic results that were beyond my expectations. I always looked forward to my visits and follow-ups… I never felt rushed through the visit - Dr. Ness has unequaled patience.” 

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“When I saw Dr. Ness he understood my needs and concerns. The staff was very helpful and answered all of my questions. The care was exceptional and I felt very comfortable. I would recommend Ness Plastic Surgery to anyone. Thank you so much!”


“Dr. Ness was so kind – he helped me feel comfortable right away. The results were more than I expected. He does wonderful work.”


“Experience, attention to detail and positive outcomes matter when choosing a plastic surgeon. That’s why I chose to return to Dr. John Ness for additional surgery. I wouldn’t have considered anyone else as my surgeon because of his professional demeanor and compassionate approach. I would like to thank the entire team at Ness Plastic Surgery for providing such great care and a welcoming environment.”

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“I am extremely happy with my results from my breast augmentation. The silicone implants have a very natural feeling. My self confidence has increased and I'm very happy with my results and the customer service. Dr. Ness was wonderful and made the whole process very comfortable. I can wear tank tops braless now and am loving it! Thanks Dr. Ness.”

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“I recently had a breast augmentation/mastopexy and I couldn't be happier! After having 2 children, my breasts lost their fullness. They are now even more beautiful that what they were before pregnancy and I feel great! In fact, my coworkers have asked me if I have lost weight! I think they ask that because I am walking taller and looking more proportionate that before. I'm glad a treated myself to plastic surgery and my husband and I agree it was worth every penny!”

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“Dr. Ness is a very skilled surgeon and made me feel very comfortable. I gained the confidence I didn't have before. I would highly recommend Dr. Ness! His personality is a plus!”


“My experience with Dr. Ness and his staff was wonderful from start to finish. They made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. Dr. Ness is a talented surgeon and I'm so happy I chose him for my surgery! I would recommend Ness Plastic Surgery to family and friends... to anyone!”

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“I came to Dr. Ness because I was very unhappy with how my breasts had developed. They were noticeably two different sizes. After my consultation, Dr. Ness and the staff made me feel at ease about my decision to have a breast augmentation. We went over sizes and shapes in order to get exactly what I was looking for. It's been two months since my surgery and I am completely satisfied with the results. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

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“Before coming to Ness Plastic Surgery, I was very uncertain about getting my nose fixed. I thought 'what if it doesn't look like me' or 'is it worth it'? But, after talking to Dr. Ness and the staff I realized that it would be worth it. After surgery I was so pleased with the results! My nose still looked like me, but more balanced and fitting with my face, bringing more attention to my eyes. Dr. Ness did an awesome job and I'm very thankful for his work.”

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“Dr. John Ness is an artist of the highest quality in plastic/cosmetic surgery. You'll know this yourself as soon as you meet him. Dr. Ness helped me make a decision of what was the best approach for starting out with a simple procedure and then to a long-term approach for a beautiful result. I am so grateful.”

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“My decision to have an upper and lower blepharoplasty was a difficult one for me; choosing the plastic surgeon to perform the procedure was not. Dr. John Ness was the only reason I considered having the surgery at all. Dr. Ness has a reputation for perfection and a caring approach, which was exactly what I needed. My experience throughout the process was a positive one, due in no small part to the care and attention I received from Dr. Ness and his staff as well.”

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“I came in with a broken nose that had broken over a year before. I was having difficulty breathing. Ness Plastic Surgery is a great, caring facility. Everyone was coureous and professional. Dr. Ness didn't have you in and out in a second. He listened carefully and was gentle and thorough. The phones were always answered right away and paperwork, etc. was very organized. I also love the atmosphere, great taste in décor. So, now I can breathe and the extra plus is my nose is no longer crooked. Thank you to the group here!”

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“I am extremely grateful to Dr. John Ness and his entire staff at Ness Plastic Surgery for the professional and compassionate care and treatment that I received during my recent cosmetic surgery. I was referred to Dr. Ness by my dermatologist for post-operative plastic surgery following radical Mohs surgical removal of a basal cell carcinoma on my face, which created a rather large and deep excision site required skilled repair and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Ness' calming demeanor and surgical perfection relieved my anxieties and concerns and I am very pleased with my facial appearance and most appreciative of the wonderful results Dr. Ness achieved for me.”

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“Not only is Dr. Ness a plastic surgeon but I would consider him an "artist". There are plenty of plastic surgeons out there but a few that have a depth of understanding and a vision of what you are trying to accomplish - while still trying to look natural and look like you! He came highly recommended in the community and I understand why. Dr. Ness not only had concern prior to surgery but the follow-up was just as important to him. I am very pleased with my procedures and have received several compliments (but no knew exactly what I had done!) - I'm a better and younger looking me.”

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“I have had Dr. Ness perform two breast augmentations in the last 13 years. I have complete confidence in Dr. Ness's superior knowledge, professionalism and expertise. His incredible staff makes the entire process seamless. After interviewing more than three other surgeons, I know that I have made the right decision to work with Dr. Ness for any of his procedures.”

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“I am thrilled with the results from my breast augmentation. The surgery and recovery were very easy. The staff was wonderful.”


“I could not have asked for a better experience than what I had with Dr. Ness and his staff. I knew for a while that I was interested in having Rhinoplasty surgery, but it wasn't until my consultation with Dr. Ness that I felt 100% comfortable and confident. The surgery and recovery when very well and I knew I was in good care the entire time. My results are awesome. Both the functional and aesthetic results are all I hoped for and more. I can breathe better, my allergy and sinus issues are more well accommodated and I have felt so much more confident and free with the look of my nose. I was so self conscious before that it impacted my daily lift. It is great to not have to think about my nose and what other people think all the time—and I still look like me! Just and improved, more proportionate look. Thank you Dr. Ness and your team!!”

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“Dr. Ness is a genius! He has changed my lift with my breast lift and breast augmentation procedure, boosted my confidence and gave me a shot at a new life. Thank you so much! I recommend Dr. Ness as the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON in Minnesota!”


“Dr. Ness and his team are fantastic. I was referred to Dr. Ness by three different friends who have had great results in his care. The team listened to my needs and Michaela even called me after hours on the day of my procedure to check on me. My results are natural, my healing process went great and I am very happy I made this decision for myself with the help of Ness Plastic Surgery.”

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“I am thrilled with my results! I had consultations with other doctors. In fact, the consult I had before I saw Dr. Ness almost stopped me from considering the surgery. I am so happy with my tummy! The incision is beautiful and I look great in and out of my clothes. I also feel great when I workout and when I run. Dr. Ness and his staff are very professional. They always answered my calls right away, and Dr. Ness was very quick to address any concerns I had. Thank you Dr. Ness, Michaela and all of the staff!”

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“I had abdominoplasty and a breast revision. My only regret was that I did not find Dr. Ness sooner. I am 6 months out from surgery and am thoroughly enjoying my new body shape. This appearance improvement has given me delight daily. I honestly cannot say which procedure was the most important to me, I am very happy I decided to have Dr. Ness perform both procedures at the same time. Dr. Ness and staff are a joy to work with. I would recommend their office to anyone seeking plastic surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Ness and Michaela.”

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